My Lead Locker has unlocked over £80m in revenue for its home improvement clients, connecting installer leads and marketing professionals

My Lead Locker has unlocked over £80m in revenue for its clients seeking home improvement leads, connecting installers and marketing professionals

The UK’s first and functional lead exchange platform, My Lead Locker was created at the peak of covid lockdowns in 2020 as a means to help local home improvement businesses reach customers without the need for door-to-door canvassers.

A simple idea to leverage technology, automation, social media and partnerships has scaled to enable home improvement clients to generate over £80m in revenue in 2022, a feat that even founder and CEO Chris McPhee couldn’t have predicted.

How does My Lead Locker provide comprehensive home improvement services?

The company focuses on the lead aggregation and call verification of 800+ daily inquiries with a specific focus on serving customers by anonymously listing their needs for help on their marketplace exchange.

Installers of products such as renewables; solar PV, air source heat pumps, electric vehicle charge points, boiler upgrades and various fabric insulation measures that are available for exclusive purchase can then connect with the client.

Benefits of using My Lead Locker include:

  • Marketing professionals can focus on marketing
  • Customers can benefit from one single point of contact as leads are sold exclusively to one buyer
  • Installers benefit from a reliable and steady supply of local work, allowing them to focus on the quality of each installation

Navigating the home improvement landscape

Social media is often plagued with scammers trying to take advantage of customers, as well as cowboy builders who waste your time.

My Lead Locker brings together capable and professional marketing experts, drowning out the ability for these fraudsters to run sustainable Google and/or Facebook pay per click campaigns, while offering a free call verification service to all affiliates and double verification to lead buyers.

Sustainability and quality assurance

My Lead Locker prides itself on only working with ICO licensed business owners and/or affiliates. All purchasing partners must be Trust Mark and PAS2035 accredited.

Some additional accreditation is required depending on certain measures, such as for MCs when purchasing Solar PV or ASHP leads.

For many companies, My Lead Locker was their ‘secret weapon’

At a time when many installation companies face insolvency, My Lead Locker has been the key to renewed success.

Ryan, who works at SR1, an energy company obligation focused installer based in Sunderland, said, “My Lead Locker has been an absolute pleasure to work with and a bit of a secret weapon for us. It helped us to keep on our in-house staff which was the pressing issue at the time. They also helped to set us up with a CRM that allowed our staff to work remotely, a service I know that the director will do at a very fair fixed cost. ”

Staying ahead with emerging technologies

It’s not just about ‘social media’ for business. My Lead Locker deploys an industry-specific AI Bot that requires zero staffing and identifies high intent customers UK-wide, which are then call-verified by a real human prior to listing.

By cross referencing the customer inputs with the current Energy Performance Certificate (if present), our agents weed out non-viable customers and increase conversions for buyers a privilege they can afford due to the large volumes of customer inquiries across all 23 products.

Boost your home improvement leads today

Blending technology, partnerships and automation to become the most trusted home improvement lead aggregation marketplace in the UK, My Lead Locker has also secured headline sponsorship of the prestigious London Build Expo 2023.

To check the range of private residential home improvement customers available for purchase, visit the interactive live map on their website.

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