A new business is hoping to empower homeowners through the art of do-it-yourself.

The recently opened DIY Training Center offers in-person home renovation and repair training for people who want to tackle more on their own.

Classes include framing, flooring, finishing carpentry and electrical. Students can also learn about renovations, maintenance and interior design.

The goal, said one teacher, is to put practical industry knowledge into the hands of homeowners.

“People who have homes don’t want to pay big dollars out to contractors and that, so they come here so that they can learn how to do a lot of that stuff themselves,” Gerald May said.

Wendy Lien has taken multiple classes at the center since it opened.

She said the skills she’s learned, and plans to learn in the future, will help her be more independent and save money.

“I’ve been looking for years to find somewhere like this [so] that I am able to do home improvements on my own and not have to call family or friends,” Lien said.

Teacher Susan Ward-Cornish said the classes also help students gain confidence.

“It really helps them a lot and it’s really nice to see them flourish,” Ward-Cornish said. “And they’re going out of here empowered. It’s amazing.”

Helen Scheper signed up for the Women’s Only DIY. She said she loves the feeling of accomplishment from tackling home repairs.

“I want to be handy,” Scheper said. “I want to be someone who doesn’t have to rely on someone else to do bits and pieces around the house.”

Unlike a YouTube video, Scheper said the hands-on in-person classes beat learning from a YouTube video, since students can ask questions and get help when needed.

“I’m loving it,” she added. “I just feel more confident.”

In addition to the DIY classes, the training center offers renovation mentoring, where an expert will come to your home and help guide you on your DIY journey.

For more information on classes, you can visit the centre’s website here.