COOPERSBURG, PA — A vast majority of US homeowners say that quality lighting is important to the design of their home, with most reporting that lighting “is one of their most important design choices,” according to a Harris Poll survey conducted on behalf of Lutron Electronics, a major supplier of lighting, control and automated shading solutions.

According to Lutron, the first-of-its-kind poll “signals the growing demand for modern, high-quality lighting solutions” that supports the role of lighting in everything from wellness and sleep routines, to creating ambiance, connecting to nature, incorporating sustainable design elements, and informing homebuying priorities.

“Light is a fundamental element in the design of a space,” said Cecilia Ramos, senior director for the Coopersburg, PA-based Lutron. “Light brings atmosphere and can enhance not only the aesthetic of a home but how we look, feel and live within it.”

According to Lutron, about three quarters of surveyed US homeowners (74%) said they would not purchase a new home without “good natural light” even if the home checked the other boxes on their search.

“One of the most organic ways to support connection to nature within the home is through natural light – both sunlight as well as the latest LED solutions that precisely mimic the changing color temperature and intensity of sunlight throughout the day, achieving a near-outdoor experience while indoors,” Ramos observed.

When it comes to areas in a home that homeowners feel are among the most important to invest in high-quality lighting, the kitchen (72%), the living/family room (69%) and the bathroom (61%) are at the top of the list, Lutron said.

Among other survey results:

  • The vast majority of surveyed homeowners (90%) say that it’s important that their home helps them relax and disconnect from work and/or the outside world. This mentality supports rising “resimmercial” trends like spa-inspired bathrooms or resort-inspired backyards, as Americans look to replicate the inspiration and relaxation they’ve found at luxury hotels in their own homes.
  • For many, the key to relaxing at home is creating the right ambiance – and light has emerged as a core factor in doing so, with almost four in five US homeowners (78%) saying the ability to adjust lighting is one of the most important factors to create ambiance within a home.
  • 68% of surveyed homeowners said they wished they could integrate wellness into their home design in a bigger way. For those struggling to commit to their wellness goals, design elements like lighting can help build healthy habits into daily routines through tailored settings.
  • In addition, a majority of surveyed homeowners (75%) say controlling light in their home is important to their sleep routine – recognizing the impact of lighting and shades on one of the most important wellness habits, our sleep cycle.
  • Even though the majority of homeowners say lighting is one of the most important design choices in their space, nearly one in five (19%) of US homeowners are not happy with the lighting in the rooms of their home where they get ready for the day .
  • For luxury homes in particular, “glam rooms” have become a popular trend, as a growing number of homeowners seek entire rooms dedicated to their morning “beauty” routines.

“This insight supports the idea that homeowners see a connection between light and their self-perceptions of beauty and style, and that the routine activity of choosing clothes and making oneself presentable is positively impacted by a well-lit space,” Ramos said.